I am a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives, and a Licensed Midwife through the State of California. I graduated from the 3-year program at the National Midwifery Institute and received my license in 2012. I received my BA from UC Berkeley in 2003.

I think I started on the path to midwifery when I was born at home with four midwives in attendance. I have lovely, vivid memories of my younger brother's birth at home when I was 19 months old. Thanks to my mother's confidence in herself, I grew up believing in the power of women's bodies.

Witnessing the growth and birth of new human beings never gets old for me. I believe pregnancy and birth can be powerful turning points for making positive lasting change in our lives and I seek to serve as educator, witness, and cheerleader as you navigate your way. I subscribe to no particular dogma around pregnancy and childbirth beyond that parents should be well-informed about the choices they have for their pregnancy and birth, and that parents are good consumers of the information they receive. My role then is one of supporting you by providing current, scientifically valid information about your options, helping you understand what it all means, and supporting you in the choices you make based on that information. 

I began doing birth work in 2003. I trained for several years with a busy home birth practice in the East Bay, and later spent a year as partner in the same practice before starting my own solo practice. In addition to attending births in Northern California, I also spent time learning and working as a midwife in remote fishing villages of Northwestern Senegal and at a free standing birth center on Ubud, Bali. I have attended births on 3 continents, in extremely varied settings, with women of vastly different backgrounds. My takeaway has been that, given support and patience, birth is a process that is meant to work! My education as a midwife is life-long and I am constantly humbled and grateful for the lessons every pregnancy and birth teach me. 

I live in North Oakland, only a mile from the house where I was born, with my husband and 6 year old son. When not serving my amazing birthing families, I run a small business with my husband, and love to crochet (my latest obsession is yarn jelly fish), reading the latest Great American Novel, swimming laps or lifting weights, yoga, cooking projects (lots of jam, kombucha, pickles, sourdough and other treats!), local independent music, and planning our next travel adventure.